EagleTec ET-UCAP44E 4.8A / 24W 2-Port Intelligent USB Car Charger With Brainy Technology for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, Nexus, HTC M9, Motorola, Nokia and Other Android Smartphone/Tablets

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Product Description

Watts of clean power

A high quality Smart USB Car Charger that adjusts output amperage to match your specific device.

• Intelligent auto-detecting power management.
• 24W 4.8-amp 2-Port USB Car Charger With Brainy Technology.
• For Apple iPad, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, and Android tablets and smartphones including: Galaxy S4 S5, Note 3 2, Nexus, HTC One (M8), and more.
• Economical low-power design will charge your gadgets at the proper voltage and amperage with optimized power usage.

Not all chargers are created equal

While there are plenty of smart USB car chargers on the market, most cut corners on components, electronic chips, and even the plastic materials. We wanted to make a charger that not only charged our gadgets properly, but one that would also stand up to the test of time. That meant using more expensive “smart chips”, higher quality components, and industrial-grade materials throughout.


Brainy Technology detects your devices for the optimal charging speeds. Not too fast, not too slow. This matters. While charging your gadgets slowly is the safest method, waiting eight hours for a smartphone to charge is not acceptable. More importantly, charging your gadgets too quickly damages the batteries and over time, your devices will end up with shorter battery lives.

Simplify your charging

You no longer need to have a multitude of individual car chargers. Plug in the EagleTec ET-UCAP44E 24W 2-Port Smart USB Car Charger, add your individual USB cables, and enjoy reliable clean charging.

Safe and economical

EagleTec Smart USB chargers use top-of-the-line electronics to ensure durability and reliability. Fail-safe technology is built in to protect against electrical surges and shorts. All this goodness in a low-power optimized design.

• Intelligent auto-detecting power management solution with Brainy Technology.
• 2 USB ports for up to 24-watts and 4.8-amps of overall power.
• Brainy Technology detects your devices for the optimal charging speeds.
• High quality components and slim non-bulky design.
• For iPhone, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, Nokia and more..

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